19 Februari 2015

Cuepacs wants more affordable houses to be built

The Sundaily
Last updated on 18 February 2015 - 06:51pm

KAMPUNG GAJAH: Cuepacs, the umbrella union for civil servants, wants the government to build more and affordable homes for civil servants who face difficulties owing a roof over their heads.
Its president Datuk Azih Muda said that apart from high priced houses, there are insufficient units for the public servants to purchase.

"We want the government to increase the funds in the 11th Malaysia Plan which will be tabled this year, for the construction of more affordable homes for them.
"Based on current market prices, civil servants are unable to own affordable homes which are small in number," he told reporters after presenting aid to 100 civil servants affected by floods here today.
The aid in the form of stoves, cookers and other household necessities was donated by the national Co-operative Organisation of Malaysia (Angkasa). Also present was Angkasa deputy president Mutadho Bahri.
Civil servants who are members of Angkasa contribute a monthly fee which is placed in a fund which disburses donations to the needy, including the flood victims.
Cuepacs identifies the civil servants eligible to receive the aid.
According to Azih, prices of houses have increased drastically, including in Sabah and Sarawak, which is a 100% hike.
"I do not know the reason for the hike in the two East Malaysian states... is it because the developers are reaping huge profits or is there any manipulation going on, he asked.
"The government cannot allow such a situation ... prices must be controlled through a mechanism and the National Housing policy has to be reviewed so that public servants can purchase houses.
"If affordable houses are not built within the next one or two years, civil servants will not be able to purchase such houses when prices are not within their reach," he added.
He noted several government agencies are involved in housing projects, including private developers, and the government must ensure such units are sufficient and affordable for civil servants whose salary increases are not in tandem with the prices of houses.
Meanwhile, Azih said some 100,000 civil servants were affected by floods in Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu and Perak.
Kampung Gajah state assemblyman Abdullah Fauzi Ahmad Razali said: "Kampung Gajah was one of the worst affected areas in Perak where 3,600 families had to be evacuated."
According to flood-hit villages on Dec 24, the last relief centre was closed on Jan 24.

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