15 Januari 2010


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Submitted by Izat on Friday, January 15th, 2010

Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs)
Local Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC)
G. Prakash
Friday, January 15th, 2010 12:26:00

OMAR: It's time for the Government to set appropriate minimum wages for the public sector
KUALA LUMPUR: It is about time the private sector minimum wage structure is reviewed by the government.

That was the initial reaction of the Congress of Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) and Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), the two main bodies which represent the bulk of employees in Malaysia.

Cuepacs president Omar Osman told The Malay Mail that the government should have reviewed the minimum wage for the private sector a long time ago.

He welcomes the government's wage review plan. Better late than never.

"It's time for the government to set appropriate minimum wages for the public sector. In many commercial sectors, the main reason why local workers are not taking up jobs in certain industries is because of the low salary offered."

Omar said if the salary was suitable, employers would not depend on foreign workers so much.

"If local workers are paid reasonably well, they will not mind taking up these jobs. If we use local workers, I believe that they will be more efficient than foreign workers and companies in these industries will be more productive."

The minimum wage review for the private sector — to minimise dependency on foreign workers — was announced by Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam yesterday after delivering his New Year message to the ministry's staff in Putrajaya.

He had said the move was in line with the government's objective to achieve a high-income economic model which would enable workers to earn a reasonable amount of salary and help them overcome poverty.

Meanwhile, MTUC general-secretary G. Rajasegaran said that the union has been fighting for this over the past four years and hopes it will not be just another announcement by the government.

"I applaud the move as the government is finally saying they are going to review the minimum wage for private sector workers. Previously, they gave many excuses when the issue was brought up. I hope they will work on this seriously and come up with a reasonable minimum wage."

As there is now no minimum wage structure set for the private sector, many employed in this sector are being paid really low wages and these employees are finding it difficult to survive with such a small income, especially in urban areas where living costs are high

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joseph stalin berkata...

i do agree with this urged of getting the fixed minimum salaries for govt servant.

it's also the main reason why the other other races such as chinese and indians won't pick government field as their profession, thus leads to unbalanced qualities over government end result.

Cos not all of the Govt Servant wanted to work as one. but they HAD to take it as there's no stable job as civil servant.

I also want to urge those who only know how to bark without doing the best of their job, to stop the childish efforts and start doing your job as what we expect you to do

cikgusuib berkata...

Mr Joseph the Stalinist, why the other other races such as chinese and indians won't pick government field as their profession, and leads to unbalanced qualities over government end result?

Most non-bumis only seek good position so they can act as a boss to bumi workers.


joseph stalin berkata...

but why would you think that they will do that? do you work with them and let yourself get bullied all the time? i bet your school don't have a decent chinese teacher who taught Bahasa Melayu at your school.

Your accusation is more like a humor than a comments to me. What's with chinese and indian being a boss and acting like one? Clearly you're fed with racial sentiment on how chinese race will take those higher ups positions. Well to tell you the truth, it's malay who let themselves meddle with their own emotions. Why malay TOO LAZY to get a degree? ask yourself

cikgusuib berkata...

i'm not a school teacher, just a martial art teacher. haha. indians actually prefer gomen's job, but not chinese.

i'm in private sector, not really bullied by non-bumis but discrimination climate and environment around us make me thinking like what happen if non-bumis become majority in public sector..... i bet the same racist and discrimination environment will occur.... malay marginalization will happen as our lovely 'Xin Jia Po'

joseph stalin berkata...

first time in my life i heard of an indian named suib. so what was it suibuniam?M. suib? well whatever. i tend to talk to non malay more than the actual malay. since malay can't speak english as fluent as yours. :D

clearly u haven't get to chances to work outside. Outside means out from the school not just Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah, at least make it Jabatan Pendidikan . even if u do, u're still haven't work under the Ministry of Education located at Putrajaya not Bagan Datoh or Tanjung Malim for god sake.

This however can show us why u can't think outside the box. It's because you are now working 7am to 1pm or 2pm till 7pm late, that's if your school got 2 session.

i also wondered which school u work right now. is it kebangsaan or Jenis Kebangsaan. but i bet u must be in the Jenis (T). u teach them martial arts, great!! i never knew it was a core subject apart from math, science BM and english.

Sad to say this, even if you've worked there more than 30 years, you're still lack of experience in terms of working with other races in the ministry's office.

Ministry's offices were more that what u need as a multiracial malaysian. You get to see how many indians got their own room, tagged with Setiausaha Bahagian or Chinese with room tagged "Ketua Pengarah" and Malay in the "Ketua Setiausaha" together they formed a good partnerships and nod towards one goal. to serve the public better.

so, please. go out and drink some coffee while u can. this is malaysia. land of multiracial nation.