10 November 2009



It is with deep regret that it is noted that the government has not been kind to pensioners. While it has made some conciliatory payments to support workers in the civil service - which is a welcome move - sad to say the government has forgotten the pensioners .Cuepacs has proposed a two-month bonus to civil servants. Is it too much to expect the pensioners also to be considered for bonuses too? But our prime minister has put paid to the proposal by saying such a request is 'not moral'.Such irony coming from a Barisan Nasional government leader for the BN government has paid scant attention to principles and morality for the last 52 years. If it had, we would not be saddled with the RM24 billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal, the double tracking rail project (which can be classified as the PKFZ No 2) and the cases of Altantuya, Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and the Lingam tape.Not to mention the immoral takeover of Perak, the incessant attempts to try and bring down the duly elected Pakatan Rakyat governments through illegal means and buying over tainted opposition representatives. Need I say more? The list is endless.The Barisan Nasional government is definitely not synonymous with moral principles. So dear prime minister, do yourself a favour and stop talking about morality.Further, he has shown himself to be completely out of touch with the rakyat or reality. In fact, all pensioners are having difficulty existing on the pensions most of us receive.Woe betide the pensioner who still has children to put through college or who falls sick. Pensioners living in Kuala Lumpur and other major urban areas have their problems compounded.The economic downturn has created another problem for us. Many of our children whom we put through college hoping they will get employed and contribute towards the family cannot find jobs. They are staying at home and are still dependant on us.These are just a few of the problems we pensioners are facing. I appeal to the government to get in touch with reality and consider our years of loyal service and pay us some goodwill payment.In Malaysia, it was reported in the media that those earning RM3,000 or below are considered to be living below the poverty line. Thus, most pensioners are living below the poverty line. Even those earning more than RM2,000 after paying for the children's education and other needs such as medical costs, housing loans or rent, and household expenses are forced to join the ranks of the impoverished.To add to our problems, the government continues to introduce new ways to further burden us. The recent budget brought us no relief but further difficulties such as the credit card tax and the need for yearly examination for cars of 15 years and more. ( I understand this move has been dropped. Only a government not in touch with the people's difficulty will introduce such a policy in the first place.) Most pensioners are incapable of buying new cars. All this talk of '1Malaysia' is nothing but a sham as far as we are concerned.There has been some talk of snap general elections. If this is true, it is a God-sent opportunity for us to use the ballot box to champion our cause. There is no more powerful tool for us to be heard. Pensioners do not forget how you have been treated. Say a big 'NO' to Barisan Nasional.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

minta bonus bukan kesalahan moral sebab itu hak pekerja awam, tetapi yang 'morally wrong' ialah PM Najib sebab moral dia sendiri pun bukanlah baik sangat.

kutaigomen berkata...

sebelum dia pertikaikan moral kakitangan awm,lebih baik dia cermin dulu diri dia adakah sangat2 bermoral???? damn u najib!!