31 Oktober 2009


Malay Mail
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on Friday, October 30th, 2009

Santiago : Feels that MACC must walk the talkCIVIL servants can seek aid from the Congress of Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services only if they can produce evidence of their innocence.

“If our members are framed, facing injustice or even threatened, then we will step in to protect their rights,” said Cuepecs president, Omar Osman, responding to the statement by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission that the agency is studying to see if there are elements of corruption, misconduct and abuse of power in the management of public funds by civil servants.
“We are supporting MACC’s move to investigate the Auditor General’s report. We want a civil society of high integrity, in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of 1Malaysia.
“There should not be corruption and power abuse among civil servants. We are also working together with MACC to educate civil servants on what is right and what is wrong.
“We carry out educational seminars often to ensure that the civil servants are aware of their rights as well while being investigated. The next joint seminar between MACC and Cuepacs will be on Nov 17 in Negri Sembilan,” he explained.
The AG’s report, tabled in Parliament, found numerous weaknesses — including delays, irregularities in procurement process and supply of equipment at illogically high prices. With MACC involved, it could see many government officials being questioned about these irregularities.
Omar added that Cuepacs will not defend those charged by the authorities. “We can only advice those who are being investigated, of their rights.”
Klang MP Charles Santiago told Malay Mail that every year the AG’s report does find elements of corruption, misconduct and abuse of power in the management of public funds by civil servants but no severe action is taken.
“We see this report every year and MACC say that they will investigate. However, nothing concrete comes of it. It is time that MACC shows the nation that they are serious in this matter. Within two or three months, MACC has to charge those who are involved in corruption and misconduct,” Santiago said.
“MACC will be the laughing stock of the nation if they let this slide.” Hulu Kelang State Assemblyman Saari Sungip echoed Santiago’s comments and added that it is a must for MACC to reveal their findings on the AG’s report in a short period of time.
“Those holding public office and public officials are working with public funds. Everything must be transparent.
That is why in Selangor we have the Selcat hearing. If we do not take immediate action, then it will accumulate just like the Port Klang Free Zone issue.”
Since the AG’s report was made public, MACC has set up a special team to investigate government agencies and departments. Last year, 15 people had been charged with committing a total of 94 offences, 18 disciplinary reports were issued against department heads while 45 cases were still being investigated after the 2007 AG’s report was published.

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